email organizationShredders are necessary to ensure the safety of your sensitive information, and protect against identity theft. In addition, businesses of all sizes are affected by federal legislations, which hold them responsible of taking reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access to confidential information.

However, we realize that with the many choices available, you may be having a hard time making the right the decision on what kind of shredder will meet the needs of your business.  When choosing a shredder, it helps to understand what shredders do, what options are available, and what the different types offer.

One of the first things to consider is to ask yourself how frequently you will be using the shredder. A shredder must be able to handle various types and volumes of paper and documents for your office.  At Powers Business Machines we offer the following:

Whether it’s personal information or confidential government papers, our team can help you decide which shredder will meet your needs and expectations.

Shredders also come with different security levels. Level 6 shredders provide the greatest level of security. Typical options are strip-cut or cross cut. With Strip cut, the machine cuts documents into thin unreadable pieces. Usually, the strips will be as long as the document. Cross cut cuts in two directions and produce smaller particles providing greater security.

In addition, shredders can come with a handful of other features, including:

  • Slots for CDs or credit cards
  • Auto-feeder
  • Auto-shut off to prevent injury
  • Energy conservation mode
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Solid steel cutting blades

At Powers Business Machines, we are proud to offer our clients Dahle Shredders. With a Dahle shredder, you can count on quality German engineering and solid steel cutting blades. These machines operate quietly and are built to last.