eco friendlyAn ecofriendly workplace can mean a lighter ecological footprint, and good news for the bottom line. You can easily cut office impact by making a few quick adjustments to your daily routine. Read on for some easy ways to be greener at the office.

1. Pack Your Own Lunch
Getting delivery and takeout almost leads to excessive waste from the packaging. Bringing your own lunch and snacks to the office in reusable containers not only reduces packaging waste, but can also put thousands of dollars back into your pocket!

2. Travel with Care
The first part of your workday starts with you getting to work, and for many people that means driving. Cars emit tons of carbon dioxide gases into the air, contributing to global warming.

Here are some things you can do for a green ride:

  • Join a ride share group
  • Take the train, bus or subway
  • Ride a bike or walk if you live close enough
  • Invest in a green car like a hybrid
  • Reduce your travel by working from home whenever possible

3. Reduce Paper Use
Did you know the average office worker uses 10,00 sheets of paper each year? Use less paper by emailing important documents, and using presentations rather than handouts at meetings. When you do print, use recycled paper and try to use both sides of the page.

4. Eliminate Single-Use Products
Reduce the use of disposable plates, cups, silverware and shopping bags by being prepared with reusable alternatives ahead of time. Keep reusable coffee mugs, water bottles, dishware and shopping bags, at your desk to help you reduce waste before it starts.

5. Shrink Your Energy Footprint
Computers, printers and other office necessities can use up tons of energy, racking up big bills and expanding the footprint of your office. Talk to your supervisors and IT department about adjusting the settings on all of your office computers to energy saving modes and installing power strips to prevent vampire power.

6. Take Paperless Notes
Ditch endless stream of adhesive paper notes by downloading a free app like Sticky Notes. Evernote is also a great option for taking e-notes. You can also invest in a whiteboard to take notes without the waste.

7. Spread the Word!
Sharing ideas is a great way to get the whole office involved on going green! Some ways to encourage eco-friendly ideas including:

  • Encouraging the office to join or start a recycling program
  • Buying eco-friendly office products
  • Setting up a carpool calendar
  • Getting everyone to pack their lunch and eat together

If you enjoy the benefits of going green, then there’s no better place to keep the tradition alive than at work!