All office workers should be educated about the necessity of shredding unwanted confidential information. There are different options available for business when it comes to handling shredding expenses. You can chose to either shred the documents yourself, or hire a mobile shredder company to do it for you. Today we will discuss the benefits of shredding your own documents.



Sensitive documents, which should be destroyed, include:

• Anything that contains a social security number

• Credit card information

• Receipts containing personal information

• Personal records

• Employment Applications

• Medical and patient records

• Financial, tax and payroll records

• Contracts and legal records

• Account numbers

• Any documents containing a signature

• Confidential letters and memos

• Research and development documentation

• Bids, proposals, budgets and sales reports

• Bank statements and canceled checks

The best way to guarantee that confidential information never seen by others is to shred the document as soon as it needs to be destroyed. A good practice is to place a shredder next to your copy/fax machine, so that confidential documents can be shredded at the source.  Powers Business Machines offer shredders with automatic on/off buttons, so that it will take you no more time than using a mobile shred bin.

FACTA Regulations sate that your organization will be held responsible for any documents your business produced, which are not properly disposed and used in an illegal manner. You should be aware that the contract that you sign with a mobile service does not transfer this liability in any way. If you are not sure where your shredding is being done, you never know if your billing records, employment information & other sensitive documents could fall into the wrong hands. Shredding the documents yourself will give you piece of mind that your company’s sensitive information will never be seen.

Another reason you should shred your paper on-site is that you can save money. If you hired someone to shred your documents for you, it’s an ongoing expense that will continually increase. However, purchasing your own shredder is a one-time cost, with low maintenance costs. You also have our trusted and professional team who is always here to assist you and your company.

An added benefit of shredding is that it helps the environment.  The shredded material is re-used in other paper products including commercial packaging, office paper and stationary supplies.

Document destruction is extremely important is best done through shredding. Having your own shredder is convenient and will allow you to take care of things easily and immediately.

We invite to browse through our selection of shredders. Whether you are looking for a personal shredder or a high capacity one for larger business, our experienced and friendly staff can help you find the right shredder to meet your need. All our Dahle Shredders come with FREE shipping and a one year warranty for parts & labor.