Happy 50th Anniversary to Us!Welcome to 2020! We’ve been looking forward to this year for a very special reason… This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary! It has been such a privilege and honor to have served you for all these years, and we are still going strong!

In this last half a century, we have seen countless changes in the way business work. Computers have gone from big, bulky machines to powerful devices that fit in your pocket. Office chairs have evolved to be more ergonomic and more comfortable than ever before. Copiers and printers are faster and better than ever. And, despite technology increasing and improving as it has, fax machines are still a necessary office machine.

Because we have been around these last 50 years, we’ve been right in the middle of all these changes. We’ve seen the industry evolve with time, and we’ve evolved with it in order to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest machines, furniture, and office necessities so that your company can be on the cutting edge.

Business machines help you stay current, which helps give you an edge on the competition. And since we’ve been in the industry for so long, we have the answers to your questions. Whether it’s about copiers, desk chairs, or even typewriters, we’re here to outfit you with the best the industry has to offer.

Be sure to read our other blog posts to learn more about equipment, furniture, and more. We strive to use our decades of knowledge to help inform you so that you can get exactly what you need to maximize productivity and reach–surpass, even–those quarterly and end-of-year goals.

Visit us online, or come into our physical location for a visit. We’re here to help, and we are confident we can assist you with all your office needs. We’re excited to share our 50th anniversary with you!