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As a business, you recognize the importance of cost-effective and efficient document management.  In a fast-paced business environment, you can’t afford to operate below peak efficiency. We understand that the task of purchasing a copier can be quite difficult with the numerous choices available today. That is why you can trust Powers to help you develop personalized solutions to suit your business copier and printer needs, so that you may increase productivity while decreasing any unnecessary costs.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a copier. Most importantly, what type of features are required to get the job done well? It would be a major mistake to overlook necessary features that could provide savings for your business in the long run.  Be sure to think about what you need your copier to do for your business. For example, how  many copies per month will your company make? Do you need to make color or double sided copies? Does the machine need to be able to staple and hole punch copies? Allow our expert staff to guide you through the steps of finding what is appropriate for your business.

Leasing & Renting
Leasing or renting a copier is the easy and efficient way to meet your company’s temporary needs, including company marketing projects, year-end financial reports, tax season reports, temporary and other special projects. Powers Business Machines carries a comprehensive line of Sharp copiers and we provide daily, weekly and monthly rentals.

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Buy, Lease or Rent – What option is best for me?

If you have a question about buying, leasing or renting a copier, or would like to get a quote on a copier, please fill out our online form, or call 757.595.2646!

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