Business Machines

Essential equipment for the office

We specialize in helping your business chose the right equipment for the job. Our machines will give your business a boost in productivity and our expert service will exceed your expectations. Allow us to help you create a comprehensive plan that is perfectly tailored to the demands of your business needs.


The fax machine is a critical piece of office equipment, and there are many benefits of having a good fax machine in your office. Fax machines allow business to communicate while saving time and money.

Fax machines come with many different features, including amount of copies per month, durability, reliability, speed of transmission and low maintenance costs. In addition to the initial cost of the machine, these features need to be considered as they may save your business time and money in the long run. We are sure that you will find a fax machine that meets your business needs from our wide selection.  Our staff will help you chose between the many features available, as we want to help improve your work environment.


Having a shredder in your office is your first line of defense against identity theft and the best way to guarantee the save disposal of confidential information. When you invest in a shredder you are taking one of the most essential steps towards protecting your business.

All our machines are built for durability and performance. Innovative features, such as cross-cut, and the ability to accept staples, credit cards & CDs, provide maximum security. Our staff is here to help you make an informed decision to ensure document security for yourself and your company.


For some tasks, a typewriter is the best choice for your business. Typewriters are the quick solution to creating mailing labels, file folder tabs, and addressing envelopes.

When it comes to typewriters, Powers is your best source for quality and service. We only offer the best selection of Swintec Typewriters with the features needed to accomplish your daily business tasks.